Moroccan rug

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Moroccan Rug - A Must Have in Any Room in the Home

A Moroccan rug is the woven, rectangular, or oval carpets, weaved by the Moroccans, and nowadays popularly exported by the people of Morocco to other parts of the world. These rugs date back to the early Mesolithic era. Traditionally, Moroccans have woven Moroccans rugs for their utilitarian utility and not for aesthetic purposes. In fact, many contemporary designers consider a Moroccan rug an ornamentation. It is used to cover the entrance to one's house, to decorate entrances and exits of buildings or courtyards, and to decorate gardens and courtyards

The most popular type of Berber rug is the Beni ourain rug, which has long been popular as an elegant floor covering in Moroccan homes throughout the world. Although Beni ourain rug were originally fromBerber tribes , these types of carpets are now a common feature in Europe, Australia, South Africa and America.