Moroccan rug

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Moroccan Rugs Made From Different Textiles

A traditional Moroccan rug can be described as a textile, usually hand woven, that is characteristic of the moroccan culture. Historically, Moroccans have woven wool, camel hair and goat hair into mats and other articles used for outdoor prayer, warmth, adornment, etc. The weaving traditions of Morocco changed over centuries; some periods saw innovation in weaving and designs but some remained the same. Today, Moroccans still weave wool, camel hair, goat skin to produce the rugs they love so much. They use these rugs for floor coverings, bedding, baskets, furniture covers, adornments and as wall tapestries.

Today, you can find a large variety of colors and styles in this type of moroccan rug. You will probably be hard pressed to find any moroccan rugs made with silk, cotton or wool, but there are still some that are made from these textiles. These rugs will have an exquisite and colorful texture, but they are not as durable as the hand-woven traditional rugs. If you are interested in decorating with a very unique type of moroccan rug, then a good choice would be to look at the many types available.